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Food Security Nutrition & Livelihood 

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Food Security Nutrition & Livelihood

MEHD’s Food Security, Nutrition, and Livelihood (FSNL) Initiatives, designed to address the pressing challenges faced by vulnerable communities in Pakistan. The country’s susceptibility to disasters, coupled with fragile security situations and recurring droughts, has exacerbated socio-economic and food security concerns. Earthquakes, floods, and droughts have severely impacted the nation’s socio-economic landscape and food security.

Despite efforts, meeting the food security and nutrition targets outlined in SDG 2 by 2030 remains a daunting challenge for Pakistan. While there has been marginal progress in reducing hunger and food insecurity over the past decade, much more needs to be done.

In light of these realities, MEHD has developed comprehensive initiatives aimed at improving the lives of the most vulnerable and extremely poor families. Our approach encompasses increasing access to sustainable financial services, providing training in business management techniques, and offering vocational and technical skills training to individuals engaged in small-scale income-generating activities.

Central to our initiatives is the empowerment of communities through capacity building and collective action. We strive to equip individuals with the tools and knowledge necessary to address their socio-economic challenges and enhance their livelihood opportunities. By fostering community participation and ownership, we aim to create sustainable solutions that improve the income and well-being of vulnerable segments of society.

The activities include: