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Quality Education & Child Development

MEHD’s commitment to advancing education in Pakistan. Education stands as a cornerstone of development, fostering social equity, economic prosperity, and cultural vitality. Yet, in Pakistan, like many other developing nations, the education sector faces significant challenges.

Factors such as poverty, unemployment, inadequate infrastructure, and limited access to schools, particularly in rural areas, contribute to an educational landscape fraught with obstacles. With an overall literacy rate of 62.3%, the situation is particularly dire in rural regions, especially for girls.

To address these challenges, Pakistan must prioritize investment in education, improving infrastructure, and promoting equal access to education for all, regardless of gender or socio-economic background.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, MEHD has made “Quality Education” a focal point of its mission since 2010. Our goal is to enhance the quality of education in public schools by providing essential facilities and services. Through our school improvement program, we actively engage parents, teachers, and communities in initiatives aimed at enhancing children’s educational experiences.

MEHD’s efforts extend beyond mere infrastructure improvements; we are dedicated to fostering a nurturing educational environment conducive to learning and growth. Together, with the support of stakeholders at all levels, we strive to build a brighter future for the youth of Pakistan through quality education. Join us in our journey to transform the educational landscape and empower the next generation.

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